Sewing Level



If you are a beginner in sewing, these sewing patterns are good. The patterns contain no difficult sewing techniques and have a simple fit without too many cuts and other details.

Advanced Beginner

These sewing patterns are still easy, but have more details and contain slightly more difficult sewing techniques, compared to the beginner patterns. However, all techniques used will be described in detail.


These patterns require some experience and routine. In these designs, it is expected that you are familiar with most sewing techniques and have tried many different projects of varying difficulty. The sewing techniques will be described to some extent.


These patterns require experience in sewing as well as knowledge of different sewing techniques. These patterns are more difficult technically. The sewing techniques will be described to some extent.


These patterns are designed for those who are in complete control of sewing. You have tried forces with virtually everything in sewing. Patterns and sewing techniques are complicated.

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