One way to prevent moths from getting into your fabric stock


Lavender is also the enemy of the mills. Right now, lavender is blooming, and they smell amazing!
In addition to the fantastic smell, this ancient medicinal plant has a relaxing effect on the whole body.

Moths love fabrics that lie still for a long time, which often happens in our own small (or large) private fabric stock; here, they can live quiet and peacefully. Unfortunately, they destroy our fabric :( that is something we must avoid, and thankfully lavender can help us with that.
I braid beautiful lavender bouquets every year and lie them together with my fabric. It makes the fabric smell nice and keeps moths away.
If you are missing a small cozy summer project that you can enjoy the effect of all winter, then I can recommend you to follow this DIY and make some beautiful lavender bouquets.

You will need:
– Lavenders in odd numbers 9, 11, or 13 (I have used 9 lavenders for my bouquets) depending on how big the heads are on your lavenders. The length of the stems should be about 30 cm.

– Ribbons in a thickness of approx. 5 mm and about 1.5 meters long

– A scissor

Start by cleaning the stems by removing all the tiny leaves.
You will end up with stems only having the flower head left.

Then gather the flower close together. Tie your ribbon around the stems right under the heads. The short end should be approx. 20 cm long, so you have some ribbon to twist around the stems at the end.

Now bend all the long stems over the heads.
Tuck the short end of the ribbon between the stems, and use the long end to braid between the stems.

It is essential to make sure that every stems hold its position. It can be a bit tricky at first.

When you reach down under the heads, tie a knot. Twist the rest of the ribbon around the stems. Tie a knot again and cut the ends.

Now you have made the most delicate lavender bouquet.
Place it between your fabric to avoid visits from moth.

Thanks for checking out this DIY!

Happy sewing!


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