Free printable sewing journal

A sewing journal is a great way to keep all your notes, ideas, and inspiration in one convenient place.

I love to keep track of my sewing projects, which gave me the idea to create a sewing journal.
The sewing journal includes all the pages you’ll need to track, organize and document your sewing projects.

Thes printable sewing journal is a set of pdf that you can print at home to build your project planner and sewing journal.
The fact that it’s a printable pdf means you can print it as often as you like. And you can choose to print only the pages you need.

Included in this sewing journal, you will find a project page. You can fill in the project’s details on this page, listing the supplies you need to buy or already have and adding any necessary notes. There is a space for sketching your project and tagging your fabric swatch.

You will also find a “My measurement page”.
My measurement chart is handy for choosing the correct pattern sizes and helps you know where to blend between pattern sizes.
You can choose between variations of body types. That means you can put together a personal sewing journal with the body type that matches your own body. It also means you have to turn off the body types you don’t want to print.
Find the instruction on how to turn the layers on and off here.

I have also included undated weekly and monthly calendars so that you can continue to use this planner system for years to come and a lot of other fantastic pages that will help you keep track of all your sewing projects. See all pages included below.

Pages include:


  • Cover page
  • My measurements
  • Inspiration
  • Project queue
  • Shopping list
  • Project goals
  • Project
  • Finished projects
  • Budget tracking
  • Blank Notes
  • Finished projects list
  • Undated weekly calendar
  • Undated months calendar


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