During my training as a tailor, I learned to sew buttonholes by hand, but never on a sewing machine, so I have always been nervous about using the sewing machine to sew buttonholes.
One day, I overcame my fear and decided that I had to sew at least one buttonhole every time I took out the sewing machine.
The many buttonholes sewn on the sewing machine have made me love sewing buttonholes on the sewing machine.

I will show you my favorite way to sew buttonholes because sewing buttonholes on a sewing machine is quick and easy. The one-step buttonhole foot makes sewing a buttonhole nearly foolproof.

One-step buttonhole

Step 1: You start by placing the button in the buttonhole foot and set your machine’s stitch setting to the buttonhole stitch.

Step 2: Attach the buttonhole foot to your sewing machine and lower the buttonhole lever.
This lever will tell the machine how long to make the buttonhole.
Make sure the lever goes behind the knob on the side of the foot.

Step 3: Mark the start of the buttonhole in the center of the button band. Slide the fabric under the presser foot. Make sure to place the marking right under the needle. You can use the hand crank to test that the fabric is in the correct position.
Hold the threads to the side. To make sure that they won’t interfere when you sew your buttonhole. Now you can start stitching.

Step 4: When the buttonhole is done, the sewing machine lifts the needle.
Now you can lift the presser foot and trim the threads.

Thanks for checking out this sewing tutorial!

Happy sewing!


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